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ChildsPlay Active

ChildsPlay Active is the perfect playground solution for encouraging healthy bodies and minds!

The innovative and cost-effective synthetic turf system combines sport, play and education in one unique ‘outdoor classroom’.

Patterns, themes and games can be included in the design of the vibrant and tactile artificial turf carpet to promote thought, exercise, social interaction and friendship.

Letters and numbers can make the playground a place to stimulate learning in key areas of the National Curriculum, while maps offer children a different perspective on their world. There are endless design possibilities – the only limit is your imagination!

ChildsPlay Nursery

ChildsPlay Nursery is a clean and colourful surfacing solution that offers a wealth of benefits for younger children.

The fact that this fantastic artificial turf surfacing is non-sand filled makes it non-abrasive and perfect for play areas both indoors and outside!

ChildsPlay Nursery can be laid over existing surfaces – including concrete, asphalt and rubber – or as a completely new installation.

Plus, this brilliant play solution offers almost limitless potential for imaginative play through its bespoke design possibilities and wide range of bright colours available.

ChildsPlay Nursery can be tailor-made to include patterns, shapes and games designed in up to 15 shades to encourage fun activities and interactive play. 

Soft and tactile to the touch, it’s also tough enough to withstand the stresses and strains of everyday toddler play.

ChildsPlay Education

Make imaginations sparkle with amazing educational mats that put extra excitement and adventure into outdoor learning!

In the space of a single playtime, children could go on a journey of discovery around the globe on a world map play mat, or challenge themselves to a game of ‘life-size’ chess. With 15 colours to choose from, the design possibilities are limitless.

ChildsPlay Education mats are an ideal way to include special areas for fun and games within the highly adaptable ChildsPlay system, and can be individually tailored towards activities for toddlers through to older children.

ChildsPlay Active Brochure.. download please click here.

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